Support us

The Quarantine Film Festival has no entry fees, sells no tickets and takes us hundreds of hours to sustain.

If you find any value in what we do, please consider a donation of your choosing, between your morning coffee and a good dinner:


All donations will be used to cover expenses for the festival which are separated in four major categories:

– renting the inflatable screen and providing good quality video and audio screenings

– inviting and covering accommodation and other expenses for our international guests

– arranging free transport for everyone from Varna’s center to the festival location and back

– buying chairs, umbrellas and other consumables as well as printing promotional materials


The gathered funds for 2018 edition up till now are:

Funded 85%

We know that some people just can’t donate, that doesn’t mean they can’t help. Simply share The Quarantine festival with friends, family, colleagues and anyone who would be interested. By spreading the word you can become part of the solution and help our cause.

If you have any other ideas how you can help, don’t hesitate to contact us at¬†

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